Case Study

Mint Design Agency

Learn how Utimize has impacted Mint's workflow in handling technical issues and improving customer happiness.






Walnut Creek, California

About Mint

Mint Design Agency is a web development, digital marketing, and graphic design company. They help small business owners increase the visibility of their business through SEO optimization, web design, content creation and branding.

After four years growing her agency, Brandy decided it was time to expand and hire a qualified team that would help her to manage the existing client base and scale even further. But then, COVID hit.

For Brandy, hiring more developers meant more money that she would have to put out unexpectedly — and so Utimize's pricing model was everything she needed to scale her business with peace of mind.

Their team is so high level that they can solve virtually any problem with WordPress. If it's WordPress, they can fix it, and not every developer can do that.

The Utimize Effect

Partnering with Utimize allowed Mint's team to focus exclusively on what really matters, which is keep building awesome projects and making the relationships with their existing clients stronger.

Currently, Brandy doesn't need to worry about:

When things go from great to not-so-great, we'll be there