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If it can be built with PHP — we can do it!

Their team is so high level that they can solve virtually any problem with WordPress. If it's WordPress, they can fix it, and not every developer can do that.

Brandy Cooper
Founder of Mint Design Agency

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A predictable & transparent management model that allows you to see what is being done and how much you're paying — in real time.

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Chris Lane

Toronto, Canada

Don Spann

Chicago, US

Igor Araujo

São Paulo, Brazil

Any questions?

Yes and no. When signing up for a monthly plan, you agree to our terms of service, but you can cancel at any time.

For the custom development service, we can either invite you to our Teamwork account, or we can work in whatever project management tool you use.

We plan our workload based on the due dates for each task created.

If the requested due date is unrealistic, we’ll discuss all the options and find the best solution.

No. We believe each client has a different communication approach, so to achieve a seamless integration with your clients, we will need support from your project managers.

The password of the website is shared securely through our dashboard — we only use encrypted channels with highest security standards. We use services like Bitwarden to store passwords when needed, but we usually just get rid of them after we have a safe connection between our servers and WordPress. Our support team uses VPNs and 2FA authentications to have access to any internal system.

If you’re part of the Tier II Support Plan, you will have direct, real-time access to your developers through Slack.

If you’re still part of the Tier I plan, communication is restricted to the Teamwork & Utimize Support dashboards.

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