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I don't have to spend nearly as much time tinkering with my site because they take it off my shoulders. Their team is very responsive to all the tickets as well. If I could, I would give them six stars.

Nabeel Keblawi

Marketing Strategist

How long does a task take to complete?

We guarantee that the task will be completed within 24 hours. Our average response time is 30 minutes.

Do you clean up malware?

Yes. As a all-in-one solution, we care about security. If your website is hacked, we'll not only clean it up, but will also provide recommendations to harden your website to protect against future attacks.

Do you do custom development?

Yes. Our hourly rate for custom development is $30/hour and estimates are given in advance.

*Custom development is only available for websites on our monthly plans.

Do you do one off jobs?

Yes, we can do basically anything within the scope as a one-off job. It costs $69/task and you can get one by clicking here.

Do you support Multisite networks?

Yes. With the Multisite add-on you can add up to 10 websites at a rate of $20/month per domain.

Is there any contract?

Yes and no. When signing up for a monthly plan, you agree with our terms of services, but you can cancel at any time.

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