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What's included:

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I don't have to spend nearly as much time tinkering with my site because they take it off my shoulders. Their team is very responsive to all the tickets as well. If I could, I would give them six stars.

Nabeel Keblawi

Marketing Strategist

Did I hear unlimited? What's included?

Yes, that's correct! The rule of thumb is — if it takes less than one hour of work to complete, it should be covered by the support scope.

Being more specific, you can ask for simple tweaks, content changes, CSS adjustments, formatting blog posts, and so on.

Advanced support is also unlimited, and it includes finding conflicts, fixing broken pages, troubleshooting problematic functionalities, etc.

No hidden clauses in the contract — unlimited really means unlimited here.

Do you clean up malware?

We evaluate the risk of a site being infected, and we prevent attacks from happening by fixing anything that makes the site vulnerable — before even it gets infected.

This strategy has proven to be best approach to security and we take it very seriously.

At the end of the day, prevention is cheaper than remediation.

What if we need custom development?

We always try to help as much as we can — even if it's out of scope!

Our hourly rate for custom development is $30/hour and we provide an accurate estimate based on the details you give to us.

Whenever we have your permission, we'll go ahead and get things done!

What is your process for updates? What if something breaks?

Before updating anything, we create backups — this way we have a way to recover if something breaks.

We use visual regression and uptime monitoring to make sure (1) the website returns the HTTP status code 200 and (2) nothing is broken.

How do I submit the requests?

We have proprietary ticketing system we've created specifically for our needs.

From the agency dashboard, besides creating new tasks, you can also manage your websites, check invoices, order new plans, etc.

You can also delegate access to your PM, CMO and anyone else on your team — you can also restrict access to certain roles.

Where are you located?

Before COVID, we were going to our new office in Vancouver, Canada.

Now, we're working remotely from pretty much everywhere — Canada, United States, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

Being a global and remote first company, we're able to provide high quality support, at all time zones.

Are you a white-label agency?


As a partner, we focus on three main verticals: (1) your client retention, (2) figuring out ways to improve constantly and (3) making sure everything functions correctly.

We want you to focus on scale and new projects. We take on the other time-consuming/boring activities that would steal your attention from the above.

If you're not convinced of the impact we'd make on your day-to-day life, you can sign up for 7 days and see what it looks like. No strings attached!

What is your usual response time?

At normal days, our first response usually happens within 20min~30min, while the average resolution time is about 2 hours.

Depending on complexity, this time can vary a little bit, but we always communicate and set expectations when needed.

Our guaranteed resolution time is 24 hours.

How do you deal with passwords and privacy?

The password of the website is shared securely through our dashboard — we only use encrypted channels with highest security standards.

We use services like Bitwarden to store passwords when needed, but we usually just get rid of them after we have a safe connection between our servers and WordPress.

Our support team uses VPNs and 2FA authentications to have access to any internal system.

Is there any contract?

Yes and no. When signing up for a monthly plan, you agree with our terms of services, but you can cancel at any time.

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